Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Thoughts on Indie Games

Hello all. Welcome to GamingWorld12's official random topic. This is something I decided to do whenever I come up with a topic; I'm gonna come here and write my feelings about it. Today's topic is the world of indie games. If you have ever seen any of my YouTube videos, you will know I am an avid lover of indie games. However, I don't really say why and that's what today's post is about: my reasons behind my love of indie games.

1. They Bring The Spotlight on to New Developers

If you don't know what i mean here im talking about the people who made the games indie games help show off an unknown or unfounded talent in someone these small games could change a persons life if there lucky and im proud to help.

2. Indie Games can Have More Interesting Mechanics Than the Average Triple A Titles

What im saying here is if you think about a fps such as Call Of Duty or Battlefield just naming the most famous of them they never really change from game to game thats because a slight change can make major fans hate the game but if you think of an indie fps they really don't have anything to lose so they can make much more drastic changes between games and show us an all new experience and for people like me who love change this is a great thing.

3. There's Much More of a Selection

When i say there's more i mean more think about it if your having trouble finding a triple a title dont worry you have an entire internet of games to explore tons and tons of different styles,gameplay mechanics,and genres for you to explore.

4.They're Cheaper

When you think about the average triple a title brand new  is around $60 but if you look at a website such as gamejolt you have a whole slew of free yes i said free games coming out almost everyday probably even every 12 hours there's a new game up so you will have a never ending supply of games which didn't cost you a dime.

Well there you go guys my random topic review on indie games i hope you enjoyed and please feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions over at GamingWorld12 and maybe even stick around and watch a video or two.

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