Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello all welcome to a random topic by GamingWorld12. Today's topic is streaming if you couldn't tell by the title is streaming and what it is and how I feel about it. Streaming is basically doing a YouTube video but live its putting content out there as you do it meaning its unedited and unchanged entertainment. All in all I love streaming if your computers internet is good enough to handle it and you want to do stuff online I recommend doing it. Just know its harder work cause you have to try to keep talking and keep bringing the humor or else you'll lose viewers quickly. So in short term if your not able to keep going hours on end cause people expect streams to be longer than just 30 minutes do it. In case you want to watch some streams and get a feel for how they work I would check out pinecornn tealybear and destructoid. Thanks for reading and come back next time to see more random topics have a nice day.

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