Monday, June 9, 2014

Indie Interview: Seth 'O dale

In this interview I am talking to a  man by the name of Seth O Dale who is working on a game known as project undone nightmare. A cool Indie horror game made in the unity engine.

Q: How many people are working on project undone nightmare currently how is it working with them?

A: Currently I share the main workload with my partner Zeph, together we shape the game and develop the story line together. Then we have various artists on the team, but our main go to concept artist is Shelby Dodge. So that's three of us that are on the main team, then we have four vocalists, and various story contributors. I think the team is about 10 at this point. Though we are constantly expanding through inviting new artists, and photographers alike to contribute original pieces for the game. I love working with Zeph, he is my brother from another mother, we easily come to terms with any obstacle together and over come it. Our other team members have been very easy going, and good to work with, right now everyone is working donation based, and hopefully we will be able to actually give out some pay checks when the game launches.We are grateful to have so many people willing to contribute to the game, and right now all we have to offer them is their name in lights so to speak, when they are featured in the credits seen by hopefully millions.

Q: In the team what do you find yourself doing mostly with the game? And what do you find to be the funnest part of making or working on it?

A: Mostly what take up the majority of my time is the creation of each level. Assembling the level piece by piece and then adding actual elements of gameplay. I spend thousands of hours creating levels, it's a incredible feeling, creating a virtual universe where people can spend time in, it brings the feeling of godliness, in the fact that we choose exactly what elements people will experience. It would be hard for me to chose the most entertaining part of creating the games, but it has to be a tie between creating the music for the game, and creating the levels themselves. I love to take a finished piece of music that I made for a specific scene, and seeing it bring everything to life, creating a true organic feel. Another part I really enjoy is discussing, and creating the story line with Zeph, it's a lot like pieces of a puzzle and they are scattered about, and it's up to us to organize them.

Q: What got you into developing in the first place and what gave you guys the idea to make undone nightmare? Do you take inspiration from any other developers?

A: Zeph and I have always loved video games, we grew up playing them, but as we got older we realized that playing them simply wasn't enough, we work together and so we began discussing plans for a game we called "adaptation" it was a completely different game, but we had big ideas, many of which trickled over  and evolved into "Undone: project nightmare" We both began usage of UDK, "unreal development kit" and used it for many months before deciding that it was just too difficult, we gave up on our dream for a short time. A few years later I began using a program called "Unity" which a lot of people are familiar with. And I right away started feeling much more connected, and fluent with it. It became my paintbrush. What inspired us to create a game was the over all feeling of linear style gameplay, where the player HAD to go down a set path, and end up at a set destination. Yes there are open world games now giving players complete choice in direction, but horror games we noticed all seemed similar. Either they would have too much FPS and take away from the cheer terror feeling, or they would be far too simple, with no real thought, or at least not enough for our liking. Personally what has inspired me is Fallout, I've been addicted to it since I was a little kid, playing fallout 2, and getting immersed in a fictional world. I found myself however wishing fallout had more secrets, again a element I would bring to our game. Zeph and I are heavily focused on making many secrets, and even secrets inside of secrets. A big game that inspires Zeph I happen to know is Dead space. He is a very talented dead space player, and we both LOVE the elements of horror that game has brought to the video game world.

Q: After project undone nightmare do you guys have any plans for new games or is this going to be the last one we see for a while?

A: Zeph and I have the entire first game planned out, however "project nightmare" is to be the first game of 3, each game we will design to have a much different landscape. But the player will always be sure to get a crazy adventure. We also have the next two games worked out as well. We have also talked about possibly doing a funny game after these three are done, but that's hard to say now. I can definitely tell you we are not going to stop making games, ever.

Q: Is there anything you would say to any new or upcoming indie developers such as what programs and what not to use?

A: I highly recommend Unity as a developer, as it is easy to work with, and it can do pretty much anything you want it to. I would tell people to possibly steer clear of UDK because it tends to be much more difficult to add your own content. I want to tell developers to make sure they don't get discouraged, by AAA games, and even extremely impressive indie games such as outlast. It is important to remember that this is our art, and every artist has a unique style and perspective on the video game world. So even if someone has a similar idea as you, your ability to execute it in a different way is without limit. Also make sure you are making games because you enjoy it, because it is your passion. If you do it for that reason I believe you will achieve success, if you are developing with money in mind, that is the opposite of what you will achieve.

I hope you enjoyed this interview if you want to learn more about Seth and the game he's working on here is the link:

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