Thursday, March 12, 2015

Towerfall: Acension

Think of a classic retro platformer sounds creative right said no gamer ever. Now think of a retro platformer that's actually worth playing its an idea that many of us find hard to choke down ever since Braid came out and the markets began to flood with these so called retro style games to the point were we almost thought about blowing are brains out if we saw one more 8-bit man jumping on floating platforms in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere. Well allow me to break down this wall of hate by telling you about Towerfall a wonderfully designed and very well made retro style competitive 2D platformer. Within this game you pick one of several different colored archers and enter into a map as you attempt to pin your friends face against a wall with an arrow or bounce on their head to blow them up. This game brings back the classic style of sitting next to some friends on a couch ,with its up to four player competitive multiplayer, and screaming at them every time they absolutely obliterate you. There's not much else I can say about this game other than if you enjoy siting down and battleing it out with some good friends in a game of skill then Towerfall: Acension is a game built for you

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